Pack Organization

Have a question? Here is a contact list to help you find what (or who) you need.


Assistant Cubmaster

Anthony Acosta

Charter Organizational Representative

Lori Bagley


Heather Thompson

Pack Committee Chair

George Prince


Chris Bergen

New Member Coordinators

OPEN (need your help!)

Pack Trainer

OPEN (need your help!)

Tiger Den Leaders

Heather Thompson

Anthony Acosta

Wolf Den Leaders

Jen Lynch

Joshua Garcia

Bear Den Leaders

Lori Bagley

Webelos I Den Leaders

Chris Bergen

Webelos II/AOL Den Leaders

George Prince

Lion Den Leaders

Heather Thompson

We also have a lot of jobs that don't require a formal position because they are intermittent or only happen once. They always have the full support of the committee and don't require any experience or special training. If you don't see one that interests you or you have a suggestion, let us know! Working together, we can make sure the Pack is successful. Below are a few of the areas where we could use some additional help.


Secretary - keeps a record of the 'Lead' meetings.

Public Relations / Social Media Coordinator - Helps to keep Facebook page, website, etc. up-to-date with pictures and event information.

Outings Coordinator - helps plan and coordinate our camping trips and other outings.

Blue and Gold Planner - Blue and Gold is the Birthday of Cub Scouts and is treated like one with cake and decorations. A pot-luck is usually organized and the Cubmaster will run an extra special Pack meeting.

Pinewood Derby Pit Crew - This person will help set up tables and chairs for the Pinewood derby. They will also create a few stations for car repairs, weigh-ins and then handle clean up afterwards.

Summer Camp Coordinator - Collects paperwork and checks for the upcoming camps.  Will handle getting the Cub Scouts registered for camp and making sure the parents have all the important information.

Den Leader Assistant - Is the second adult need in a den meeting make sure we abide by the Two-Deep Leader Requirement. Might also cover for the Den Leader if a conflict arises.

Photographer - Takes pictures at events and meeting and posts them in the Pack's Google Drive.

Sign-Up Genius Guru - Creates Sign Up Genius pages for events and outings on the calendar.

Awards Shopper - Make a once a month trip with the Pack shopping list to the council shop in downtown Charlotte to pick up belt loops and awards.

Fundraising Coordinator - Helps coordinate various fundraising activities for the Pack.

Pack Meeting Set Up Crew - Arrive early to the pack meeting and help set up chairs and tables.

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